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Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We are pleased to announce the creation of our new training centre in agro-ecology and agronomy in the Landes: its name, TERREOM!

Chez TERREOM, nous proposons des formations pour permettre aux exploitants de développer leurs compétences pour améliorer la fertilité des sols, faire progresser les performances de leur exploitation tout en évoluant vers l'agroécologie. Notre objectif est rendre les exploitations prospères et les sols fertiles.


The name of the centre comes from the contraction of the word "Earth" and the word "Man" in french. In essence, agriculture is the economic activity that is most closely linked to its territory. However, over the last few decades, the globalisation of trade and economic activities has had major consequences for agricultural development and the evolution of our regions. Today, a minority of the products of a region are actually consumed by the inhabitants of these same places. However, we must remember that agriculture is the marker of the identity of our regions. It is important to breathe new life into this activity, which has been marked by a continuous decline in its numbers over the past 50 years and by the loss of added value for many farms.

In this context, our objective is to support the actors of the agricultural world (current and future) in the development of their agronomic skills to promote the development of soil fertility and the optimisation of production systems towards greater profitability. Our aim is to enable farms, the essential link in our terroirs, to become more prosperous in the long term. From our point of view, this prosperity is based on 3 essential pillars.


The ancients knew the importance of having "good" black soil. It is true, as recent studies have shown, that plants have a very special relationship with the soil, which is intelligent in many ways. The phenomenon of photosynthesis gives the plant the ability to convert CO2 and water into carbonaceous matter, thanks to Light.

For fertile soil - TERREOM - Trainings in agroecology and agronomy

The compounds produced are partly used for the growth of the plant, the other part is distributed to the living beings of the soil by the roots. These beings of all sizes are the link of a real chain of transformation and distribution that benefits the plant in return. The more abundant the resources, the more virtuous the cycle and the more important and high-quality harvest products!

In this sense, developing soil fertility is essential.


We believe that any change will be sustainable if it is first economically beneficial to the farmer.

For profitable production systems - TERREOM - Trainings in agroecology and agronomy

With a few exceptions, today more and more farms are experiencing economic difficulties, and the added value is decreasing.

Many farms still "survive" solely on the presence of a support system, which is steadily decreasing but still too important to do without.

In this context, rethinking production systems to make them profitable is an essential prerequisite for moving towards prosperity.


The human factor is an essential element in the success of the farm.

For fulfilled farmers involved in their success - TERREOM - Trainings in agroecology and agronomy

Today, many farmers feel worn down by the efforts they make every day and the low returns they see.

Our experience shows that rethinking the way to develop the profitability of one's structure restores motivation and leads to a repositioning of the farmer in relation to his profession. Then begins a virtuous cycle sustained by the motivation to progress.

You can consult our complete training program by clicking on the button opposite.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our training sessions!

See you soon!

Raphaël de TERREOM

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